More ways to Promote a Growth Mindset?

1. Have daily learning discussions.

In the car, walking to school or at bedtime take time to share the answers to these types of questions:

“What did you learn to day?” 

“What mistake did you make that taught you something?

“What did you try hard at today?”

It is really important that you share what you have learned too – have a go!

2. Give feedback on process only.

Don’t praise personal abilities like being smart or artistic. This kind of praise actually can lead to the loss of confidence since children won’t be great at everything. They’ll doubt their ability to be good at something that is difficult initially.

3. Do you know brains can grow?

Explain to children how the brain can grow stronger and that intelligence can improve throughout your life. Intelligence is not fixed. It’s changeable. This is called brain plasticity.

What’s more, learning changes our BRAINS! Children need to know this is possible.

4. Encourage risk, failing, and learning from mistakes.

Now is the time to let our children risk and fail. Failure teaches our children important life lessons. For one, it’s how they learn resilience.

Too often we want to prevent our children from failing, from feeling upset or sad.

Don’t. We must let our children fail so that they can strengthen their growth mindset muscles. If we don’t, they will be adults with no perseverance, with no belief in their abilities to work hard and succeed.





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